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VIP: Vision, Inspiration and Purpose

Learn How Leaders Develop and Communicate a Powerful Vision that Inspires and Gives People Purpose to do your bidding...

Learn the Art of Empowering People Around You and Live with Deliberate Passionate Purpose! 

Today it is a fact fact that everyplace we look, we're we are reminded that our world is in in trouble. Numerous people have lost their jobs, companies are closing their doors, and fellow humans are having less faith in themselves. 

It's hard to feel confident in tough times. But, you can learn how to come through not only in this crisis, but you can learn to deal with any challenging situation that should come your way.

VIP Confidence means you can turn around any situation and instead create expectations for a positive outcome that's becomes a game-changer because it inspires win-win and working for the betterment or higher good of all. 

MIKE RICH has consulted top motivation speakers, visionary leaders of government and fortune 500 companies globally, learn from these inspired works so that you become a Visionary, Inspired Leader with Purpose too.

===>>>>> FREE BONUS - Plus you get to choose a FREE Bonus Gift that I will email you after purchase!  This is live real person customer handling and we also offer coaching and leadership training! 

In this easy to understand book, you will learn all about: 


=> Creating a Vision that Work to Accomplish Major Goals 

=> Building Your Vision Landscape - What Would You Need? 

=> Passionate Thinking Vs Rational Thinking 

=> Taking Your First Strides toward Reaching Your Goals 

=> Getting People to Envision with You 

=> Inspire and Enroll Your People 

=> Get past Roadblocks and the Cynics 

=> The steps to becoming a Visionary Leader 

=> Reaching Your Goals Does Your Vision End there? 

=> Visions 2.0 New Trends for the New Millennium

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