MIKE RICH's training, insight and experience is what you need to get your coaching business to grow!  Goals Coaching is a specialized service that gets clients results!

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We offer the most advanced goal getting and life basis goals coaching certification program available.  Our instructors are highly qualified, and discreet professionals, with excellent references and we offer a broad range of coaching training.

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Become a Certified Professional Goals Coach in this newly approved program!  Whether you are considering Executive, Career, Skill, Life, or Business Coach training, goal mastery is an essential component!

Decide whether Goals Coach certification is right for you with this free application, and we will provide you insight back on how to best partner with us.  Join us today & get trained. Apply to be a Certified Goal Coach.

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Finding Goal Gateways and Solutions

People need coaching support for different reasons, with different goals and different motivations. Some think short term; others, long. Some may be planning for retirement or are seeking to launch the next great enterprise.  Goals can range from personal to professional, all with the aim of improving one's position or situation. It also depends on life cycles, dreams, responsibilities and roles. Many parents want to provide their kids with a post-secondary education. Others are simply interested in improving their health, relationships, wealth, growing their assets. Who doesn't want to travel and see the world?

As is true for much else in life, having a strategy is key to achieving the outcome you want for your goals. You could take an ad hoc approach – making decisions on the fly – but having a plan that is guided by a professional planner or a coach is more effective for achieving your goals.

The question remains: Do you want to go it alone? Or do you want to get expertise on your side to help you devise an effective strategy that can work for you – no matter what you're going for in life?  Please consider the possibilities and support a goals coach can provide for you or your organization as you review this entire website.  If you are considering a career as goals coach or think the training would benefit accomplishing your goals - then please contact us!

The information contained herein is considered accurate at the time of posting.  We reserve the right to change any of it without prior notice. It is for general information purposes only.  Clients are advised to seek advice regarding their particular circumstances from their personal goals coach or adviser.

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